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Cannes Contenders: 10 BBH Big-Hitters

From Whoppa Whoppers to virtual tourism on Animal Crossing and a Black Friday that supports Black-owned businesses, BBH shares a showcase of creativity

Cannes Contenders: 10 BBH Big-Hitters

As Cannes Lions creeps closer, we want to take a moment to look back on the creativity and innovation and straight-up hard work that’s seen the advertising industry help its clients thrive. BBH has been zigging and, more pertinently, zagging creatively making experiences and building up brands figuring out how to stay relevant and useful. Check out some of their favourite pieces of work that they’ve put forward for Cannes Lions this year – and the spirit of bringing people together virtually where they can’t see each other in person we’ve invite colleagues from other offices to share their thoughts on what makes the work work.

Burger King: Tiny Tinie Performs Whoppa on a Whopper

BBH London

Comment by Xander Lee, Creative Director, BBH Singapore: "One of the biggest problems with virtual branded entertainment is accessibility. But the team in London cooked up the perfect recipe - turning simple Whopper packaging into a mini concert stage via volumetric WebAR technology."

Year : 2020
Campaign : Tiny Tinie performs Whoppa on a Whopper
Client : Burger King
Agency : BBH London
Media Agency : Vizeum
Production Company : Dimension Studios

Justice4Grenfell: One column inch. 72 Remembered

BBH London

Comment by Gaston Soto, Creative Director, BBH Singapore: "In times where we see breakthrough ideas that tap into technology and digital, it is so refreshing to go back to the simplest way to communicate an idea: one powerful static image. Much more than a print ad, this is a PR key visual that can travel and go beyond just a newspaper. The essence of a simple idea, done well. Simple, purposeful, impactful, the right ingredients for a strong contender. " 

Year : 2020
Campaign : One column inch. 72 remembered.
Client : Justice4Grenfell
Agency : BBH London
Media Agency : Electric Glue
Production Company : Black Sheep Studios

Marvel Superior Seminars

BBH New York

Comment by Khairul Mondzi, Group Creative Director, BBH Singapore: "We've seen interesting phenomena arise from isolation and staying home, like self-improvement. At a time of crisis, what better way to embrace at-home learning than with superheroes, whom we all turn to in the face of adversity. It's exciting enough to sit in a masterclass conducted by an Avenger, but one that prepares you for another new phenomenon that's seen an exponential rise - gaming - now that's simply marvelous. We all need support in these times, and for a fictional in-game character to break the fourth wall and engage with you one-on-one like never before, it is truly amazing. A powerful idea in a league of its own."

Year : 2021
Campaign : Marvel Superior Seminars
Client : Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics 
Agency : BBH New York
Production Company : 
Black Sheep Studios 
Industrial Light & Magic

Google: Black Owned Friday

BBH New York

Comment by Kimberley Gill, Creative Director, Partner, BBH London: "Black Friday has become a nausea-inducing bun-fight. 
So to turn this day into something so positive deserves a big thumbs up! 
And who doesn't love a jingle? But not just any old jingle, these were written and performed by the likes of Wyclef and Ari Lennox. Genius."

Year : 2021
Campaign : Google - Black Owned Friday
Client : Google
Agency : BBH New York
Production Company : 
Anthem & Vibez - STATE
Grounded - Not To Scale
Additional animation support - Lobo
Website : https://www.blackownedfriday-casestudy.com/

Glass Ceiling Breaker

BBH New York

Comment by Felipe Guimaraes, Creative Director, Partner, BBH London: "This idea is definitely one that I wish I had made. When I saw it I knew it was going to be one of those ideas that gets talked about. The simplicity of the execution and craft alone made it stand out. However, the thing that really won me over, was its place in culture. It was an ad that real people connected with and one that also inspired our industry. One to be always remembered in the BBH hall of fame."

Year : 2021 
Campaign : Glass Ceiling Breaker
Client : Chief and National Women’s History Museum 
Agency : BBH New York
Production Company : M ss ng P eces
Website : https://glassceilingbreaker-casestudy.com/

Virtual Sentosa

BBH Singapore

Comment by Jackie Anzaldi, Creative Director, BBH New York: "This idea takes playing video games to escape to a whole new dimension. Like, literally. Brilliant in so many ways and for so many reasons but what sticks for me is that in the game world it’s perfectly reasonable to dangle the carrot of a far off island destination that we all can’t visit. If this was a traditional live stream or something it would totally miss. However, as that is our reality it makes sense that Virtual Sentosa achieved what it set out to do, (and more)."

Year : 2020
Campaign : Virtual Sentosa
Client : Sentosa Development Corporation
Agency : BBH Singapore
Website : https://virtualsentosa.com/

Jollibee: #JolliEverAfter

BBH Singapore

Comment by Liz Loudy, Creative Director, BBH New York 

Instead of just announcing their new delivery app, Jollibee and BBH Singapore set out to make the least predictable rom-com of all time, #JolliEverAfter. (About time, too.) Turning typical tropes into TikTok challenges made it easy for users to submit their own spin and make some of the weirdest, most random and fun rom-coms out there. It was exactly the kind of irreverent campaign you want from a fast-food brand and totally embraced what TikTok is all about. 

Year : 2021
Campaign : #JolliEverAfter
Client : Jollibee
Agency : BBH Singapore
Media Agency : Mediacom Philippines
Production Company : Abundant Productions
Website : https://jollieverafter.com/case-study/

Riot Games: Honey Fruit

BBH Singapore

Comment by Dillah Zakbah, Creative Technologist, BBH LA: "Effectiveness of advertising has evolved from making people want things to making things people want: I feel that ‘Honey Fruit' made something that their target audience (and even me) really, really want. Many campaigns only touch a base understanding of their audience’s habit but this campaign digs deep into the fandom and desire of League fans. It literally gave fans a taste of what they’ve always pondered about. Not only has this cool looking food innovation ignited another set of senses, but extended a realm that made the audience feel even more connected to this community that they love being a part of. And for those reasons, I think it is one of the more fun, exciting and unconventional campaigns we’ve seen as of late."

Year : 2021
Campaign : Honey Fruit
Client : Riot Games
Agency : BBH Singapore
Production Company : Jack Morton Singapore
Website : https://www.honeyfruit.work/

Running Stories

BBH Singapore

Comment by Ross Mawdsley, Head of Design & Creative Director, Partner, BBH London: "The hardest part about running is the monotony of putting one foot in front of the other. Step after step after step.And the thing that makes most of us quit, is the voice inside our head telling us we’ve had enough.
"Running stories simultaneously solves both of these problems!  It takes the monotonous and makes it thrilling. 

"Each run becomes a new immersive adventure and it distracts the brain, drowning out the ‘quit’ mantra. 

"Not only does it make us run further and more frequently, it’s also bloody entertaining and addictive.  A truly stunning and ground-breaking product."

Year : 2021
Campaign : Running Stories
Client : BBH Singapore 
Agency : BBH Singapore
Production Company : Crystal Technology Solution / App Development Partner
Website : https://runningstories.app/overview/

Absolut: It's In Our Spirit

BBH Singapore

Comment by Sapna Ahluwalia, Creative Director, BBH LA: "I absolut-ly love the "Can't wait for together #IRL" idea.  What an incredible insight - it took the pandemic for all of us to realise the importance of IRL human connections and interactions. It is a great space for a brand like Absolut to own. 
"The spot itself is incredibly crafted. You feel the joy when the characters break free from their screens and enjoy being IRL together.  Can't wait to see my friends and family back IRL."

Year : 2021
Campaign : It’s In Our Spirit
Client : The Absolut Company
Agency : BBH Singapore
Production Company : Psyop & Stink
Website : https://itsinourspirit.com/

Featured Companies: BBH Singapore , BBH Los Angeles , BBH New York

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